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The Coiled Spring Pin was invented by SPIROL in 1948. SPIROL offers Coiled Pins in three duties, light, standard and heavy, to provide a variety of combinations of strength, flexibility and diameter to accommodate different host materials and applications. A pin too strong for the applied force may not flex and may cause damage to the hole. A pin too flexible in the assembly may prematurely fatigue. The goal is to optimise the combination of strength, flexibility and diameter of the Coiled Pin to maximise the useful life of the assembly. Light duty Coiled Spring Pins are recommended for use in soft or brittle materials, or where the hole is located close to the edge of an assembly. Light duty Coiled Pins are also a great choice for assemblies not subjected to high forces as installation will be easier due to their lower insertion forces.

SPIROL’s light duty metric Coiled Springs are available in diameters ranging from 1.5mm up to 6mm as a standard, and are available to order in Ø8mm. Light duty Coiled Pins are manufactured from high carbon steel, 302/304 nickel (austenitic) stainless steel and 420 chrome (martensitic) stainless steel and conform to both ISO 8751 and ASME B18.8.3M.

In addition to being able to purchase light duty metric Coiled Spring Pins online, you may also download 2D Sales Drawings and 3D Models of all Coiled Pins by simply selecting the Coiled Pin that you require, and downloading the drawing in the desired file type.

SPIROL’s standard offering of Coiled Spring Pins can be purchased through eCommerce in standard box quantities. Should you require a different quantity, custom size, special material or finish, please feel free to contact us directly by emailing us at, calling us at the nearest SPIROL location or submitting your request for quote through the configurator.

Unit of Measure

Package Type

N/A Box

Units per Box

N/A 1000


N/A Light

Nominal Dia

N/A 3 mm

Length (L)

N/A 12 mm

Material Type

N/A High Carbon Steel

Material Grade

N/A UNS G10700 / G10740
C67S (1.1231) / C75S (1.1248)


N/A Plain, Oiled

Chamfer Length (C Ref.)

N/A 0.90 mm

Chamfer Diameter (B Max.)

N/A 2.90 mm

Diameter (D Min.)

N/A 3.15 mm

Diameter (D Max.)

N/A 3.35 mm

Recommended Hole Size (Min)

N/A 3.00 mm

Recommended Hole Size (Max)

N/A 3.10 mm

Minimum Double Shear Strength

N/A 3.3 kN

Heat Treatment

N/A HV 420 - 545

Length Tolerance

N/A ±0.50

Pin Straightness Tolerance [Min]

N/A 0.18

Pin Straightness Tolerance [Max]

N/A 0.2


N/A 8751


N/A B18.8.3M

Weight Per Piece

N/A 0.0003168 kg0.0006984 lb

Order Processing Note

N/A Orders typically ship in 2-3 business days. Orders received after 3pm GMT will be processed on the next business day.